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Capacity Management - Access Advisors

Capacity Management

Access Advisors is the premier industry expert in capacity management. We partner with our clients to uncover the hidden capacity in provider schedules. We employ proven methods for removing inefficiencies within your scheduling templates and uncovering operational practices that impede capacity and inhibit the provider’s ability to deliver care timely.

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Call Center Operations - Access Advisors

Contact Center Solutions

Access Advisors provides proven industry experts in healthcare contact center operations. Our consultants bring a wealth of best practice call center industry knowledge coupled with a strong understanding of healthcare operations to deliver a best-in-class patient and provider experience. We combine deep market expertise with hands-on contact center experience to provide tactical and strategic recommendations that yield quantifiable benefits for your organization and your customers.

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Access Informatics - Access Advisors

Access Informatics

Access Informatics is a unique solution that illustrates the story of Patient Access in your organization through a partnership with our industry experts to deliver optimized staff forecasting, analytical performance reviews, and industry benchmarking. This solution involves highly graphical and actionable dashboards that target reducing costs, instilling accountability within contact center leaders, and improving performance and patient satisfaction.

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Access Academy - Access Advisors

Access Academy

Access Advisors offers a comprehensive training program for Healthcare Contact Centers. We incorporate our vast experience in call operations and consolidation activities into a no-nonsense targeted approach to training. Through our extensive work with numerous medical centers, we have uncovered the key success factors and knowledge that personnel must possess to propel the contact center’s performance and drive patient and provider satisfaction.

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